Residential Lettings

Mortgage And Property Plus Omagh: Residential Lettings Services

Here at Mortgage and Property Plus Rentals we aim to help both Landlords and potential tenants in making renting a property completely hassle free. If you are a Landlord looking for either a Let Only Service or Full Property Management we will have a package to suit your needs.


  • Inspect property; provide rental valuations and necessary professional advice in relation to leaving your property ready for viewing
  • Take digital date marked photographs
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  • Deal with all enquiries from interested parties and carry out accompanied viewings of the property with potential tenants
  • Obtain from interested tenants the following:
    • Completed tenant application form detailing information with regard to background and history.
    • Written references to aid in vetting of the potential tenant.
    • Security deposit and rent in advance.
  • Agree suitable tenant with you
  • Provide lease agreement


Property management and dealing with the demands of tenants in today's world can be very time consuming and stressful but MPP Rentals can provide you with the complete "hassle free" package.

Having secured a tenant through the above steps mentioned, MPP can then manage the property on your behalf.

Under the management service we as your agent will then:

  • Collect rent and forward to you or your bank on a monthly basis along with a monthly statement highlighting your account transactions
  • Monitor payments of rent and liaise with you as and when necessary
  • Be the contact person for your tenant to deal with any problems that may arise
  • Carry out periodic inspections of the property during the tenancy and report results to you as necessary
  • Organise minor repairs on your behalf upon obtaining confirmation from you. These will be billed to your statement at the end of each month
  • Inspect the property at the end of the tenancy and consult with you in relation to the return of deposit money and any deductions which may be necessary